Saturday, 28 March 2020

Watch Motivational Video During Corona Lock Down Sitting At Home - Inspiring Videos

Hello Friends some of my friends are updating status of getting bored at home during Corona lock down of city as well as whole country covid 19 lock down. So here I am updating some motivational videos of various motivational speaker. So you can watch these inspirational videos and can motivate your family members as well as colleagues .

CORONA Lock Down Activities To Do At Home -Motivational Video

This video will inspire you how legless person perform well dance as well as lots of example of people without hands and legs living happily .

Inspirational Speech by Shiv Khera - Motivator and Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Video - How a person reached from bottom to top 

Dr. Anil Sethi - A motivator - Inspiring Person -  Motivational Speaker- Career Coach

Dr. Anil Sethi a motivational speaker giving speech

Puzzle Games - Find Out Difference - Corona Lock Down Activites

Hey friends as present people are at home due to CORONA Covid-19 lock down , whole country market is closed people are at home and getting bored . Here we are updating some games to play while sitting at home during corona lock down.  Here we are adding some pictures on which you have to find out 10 difference on both pictures .  You can play this game with along with your friends and family members .

What to do during CORONA COVID 19 Lock Down

Here are two same same pics are given but these pics consists of 10 differences . You have to find out 10 difference between these pics. You can set time limit of 4-5 minutes and can play this game during CORONA lock down .